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Signature Ipé Hardwood Decking

A better way to build decks.

Signature Ipe Hardwood Decking
Signature Ipé Decking
Signature Ipe Hardwood Decking
Ipé, a natural and enduring choice for decking
Ipé is great for other projects
Signature Ipé used in bridge design


  • Beautiful appearance, clear, naturally strong, durable decking
  • Class A fire rating
  • Low maintenance
  • Incredible strength for the deck of a lifetime
  • Complete lineup of products

Ipe Brochure 

Product Options

Sizes available at Weekes:

1 x 4 Premium Ipé Decking    (8′-16′ lengths available)

1 x 6 Premium Ipé Decking     (8′-20′ lengths available)

5/4 x 6 Premium Ipé Decking     (8′-16′ lengths available)

5/4 x 6 *Grooved Premium Ipé Decking     (8′-20′ lengths available)

*Grooved for Eb-Ty® Hidden Fastener

1 x 8 Premium Ipé Decking     (8′ lengths available)

2 x 4 Premium Ipé Decking     (8′-16′ lengths available)

2 x 6 Premium Ipé Decking     8′-16′ lengths available

4 x 4 Premium Ipé Decking     (8′, 10′, 12′ lengths available)

2 x 2 Premium Ipé Decking     (3′ & 8′ lengths available)

2 x 6 Premium Ipé Configured Top Rail     (8′ & 12′ lengths available)

1 x 4 Premium Ipé Upper Plowed Sub Rail     (8′ & 12′ lengths available)

Check Mate End Sealer

CheckMate Can

Check Mate Available In:


Ipé Decking Available In:

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