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OSB Panels from North Star

North Star sells trucks or units of OSB from the leading manufacturers in the industry. We specialize in fast shipment of mixed loads from our distribution center and mill partners. You can mix products from North Star and Weekes warehouse orders on the same truck! Rely on North Star for all your OSB needs and market information.


Product Options

OSB sizes in stock at North Star:

4 x 8  7/16″

4 x 9  7/16″

4 x 10  7/16″

4 x 8  15/32″

4 x 8  1/2″

4 x 8  5/8″

4 x 8  3/4″

4 x 8  3/4″ – T.G.

3/4″ – T.G. Pinnacle

(T.G. = Tongue & Groove)

Available In:



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