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Logan Intertrim Boards

Logan Lumber offers the very best interior trim options!

Intertrim Boards


Lightweight, very stable, ready for the finishing coat.

  • Tree-farmed, environmentally friendly
  • Strong and durable as trim, yet light to handle
  • a sealer and 1 prime coat allows Logan Intertrim to accept either latex or oil based finishes
  • More consistent and stable than a Whitewood trim
  • Recommended for interior use
  • Cuts and patterns beautifully
  • 10 year limited warranty

Product Options

Logan Intertrim sizes in stock: (all 16′)

1 x 4 S4S

1 x 6 S4S

1 x 8 S4S

1 x 4 Beaded/V-Joint

1 x 6 Beaded/V-Joint

1 x 10 S4S

1 x 12 S4S

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