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Clear Cedar Bevel Siding

Nature doesn’t make a better looking or better performing bevel siding. Clear Western Reed Cedar Bevel Siding gives a premium quality appearance and is ideal for prestigious applications.

Clear Cedar Bevel Siding

Premium Quality

Clear Western Red Cedar Bevel Siding

Premium Value


  • Available in vertical grain and mixed grain.
  • Reversible smooth or fine sawn textured face.

Product Options


Western Red Cedar Grades Offered:

1/2 x 4 Aye Mixed Grain

1/2 x 6 Clear Vertical Grain

1/2 x 6 Aye Mixed Grain

1/2 x 8 Clear Vertical Grain

1/2 x 8 Aye Mixed Grain

3/4 x 8 Clear Vertical Grain

3/4 x 10 Clear Vertical Grain


Available In:



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