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Introducing Construction & Utility

The Construction and Utility division of Weekes Forest Products is a leading U.S. Distributor of CLT, Composite & Timber Mats as well as a wide range of Utility Poles, Piling and Timbers with inventory strategically located across the country

Who we supply – Primarily contractors, for a wide range of applications, across a broad spectrum of industries along with municipalities, electric cooperatives, distributors, Investor-Owned Utilities & telecommunication companies.

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Joe Passadore

Division Manager & Shareholder

Meet Our Team

Don Dickerson

Dan Rasor

Steve Cooper

Chris Donahue

Tara Kaiser

Key features of how we sell:

  • Relationships
  • Network of mills and freight companies
  • Utility Poles – 50+ mills
  • Utility Pole distribution yards – 50+
  • Mats – 150+ combined between mills and distribution yards
  • Freight – Company owned fleet, 3rd Party Carriers and
    Freight Brokers
  • Product expertise – focused on core items
  • Flexibility – We offer a diversified supply along with our ability
    to expedite pretty much anything
  • Our distribution model allows us to ship full truckloads and
    partial shipments across the country, competitively and in a
    timely manner

Construction & Utility Value Add Services:

  1. Disposal of treated and untreated wood
  2. Unparalleled production base
  3. Strategically based distribution yards
  4. Emergency & After-Hour deliveries (24/7/365 availability)
  5. Vendor Managed Inventories
  6. Tailored Programs to meet customer expectations
  7. Paperless transactions
  8. Exclusive supply of SYP, DF, HemFir CLT mats.
  9. Exclusive supply of mixed hardwood 8”x4’x16’ and 18’ solid and notched mats throughout the South, Midwest and East Coast States

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